Local Business Spotlight: Woodlands Performance & Suspension

Woodlands Performace & Suspension is locally owned and operated by businesswomen Dana Pritchard, who has been serving the community for over 17 years. WPS is the only specialty performance suspension business located in The Woodlands. In addition to general auto repairs and maintenance, they also offer aftermarket performance parts, accessories, performance suspension, and Hunter Hawkeye Elite alignment equipment. This new specialty alignment equipment has the capability to perform the CodeLink reset procedure and safety system resets. WPS also has the extra drive-on ramp extension to accommodate long-bed 3/4 & 1-ton trucks, which many auto facilities in the area do not offer. Get to know more about Dana Pritchard and the services offered at Woodlands Performance & Suspension.-

Woodlands Performance & Suspension Interview Questions:

How is WPS involved in the local community?

Our involvement in The Woodlands community began long before WPS, and spans over two decades. While attending McCullough high school volunteering for local charities, then 2001 when we helped form The Woodlands Car Club putting on 2 car shows a year w/proceeds going to local non-profits in our area. Then after graduating college, we opened WPS in 2003, it gave us another platform to be able to give back to the community by creating The Woodlands Cars & Coffee for a Cause charity car event in Market Street, to further expand our ability to give back to non-profit organizations in Montgomery County. In addition to the monthly event, I serve as a community liaison all throughout the year for businesses, groups, and individuals who are looking for special cars to display or use for an event, such as a wedding, grand opening, or special portraits. For these events, we also tie it into a charity. Since 2001 we have raised over $125,000 to over 85 local nonprofit organizations in Montgomery County from the generous supporters and participants donations at our charity car displays & events.

What sets you apart from other businesses in Montgomery County?

We are driven by opportunities to educate our customers so they know exactly what they are purchasing and what encompasses the project/building process —not just for the instant result of modifications, but for long-term satisfaction with the choices we’ve helped them make. Mediocrity is not an option at WPS. The initial consultation process, education about the products, customer service and communication throughout, and the after-follow-up communications are critical, and a highlight of what we offer our customers. WPS also uses products made in the USA whenever possible, and will not compromise on quality because it is less expensive. Do it right the first time – you always get what you pay for! Also, keeping jobs in the U.S., and creating jobs is important to us.

What does the alignment equipment do that other alignment shops overlook?

More & more vehicles are now equipped with Advanced Driver Assistance Systems (ADS) which require a safety system reset. Many require calibration after wheel alignment, as it affects the vehicle’s direction of travel, & they often require a short drive as well, as part of the calibration. If this procedure is not complete, it could potentially cause an adverse reaction to the vehicle. The days of just a “mechanical” alignment are pretty much coming to an end when it comes to over 90-million vehicles that require electronic steering system resets (new vehicles with the advanced technology) There is much more involved and precision, and takes more time to do. Many general repair facilities have a certain quota to meet (how many alignments they can perform in a day or certain amount of time & technicians are paid by flag-hours). Since we specialize in this service, we absolutely make sure we are taking the time needed to make sure the specialty aftermarket alignments we perform include test drives on various road conditions, including highway drives. The last thing a customer wants is to get the vehicle at highway speeds and they notice the vehicle is pulling/drifting of some sort.We also keep up with the continuing education required for this technology.

Why did you make the decision to get the Hunter Hawkeye Elite Alignment equipment?

We felt it was a good investment since we specialize in suspension, and can streamline our overall quality control and efficiency with being able to complete the necessary service ourselves after the suspension installation is complete. It’s the last critical piece of the puzzle to ensure optimal ride quality and performance of a vehicle, including longevity of front end parts and tires.

Do you have any unique services/products to offer consumers?

We specialize in performance suspension, mechanical restoration on cars/trucks, SUV’s/import/domestic and classic vehicles, as well as sell & install aftermarket accessories.

We also offer concierge-type services and facilitate many other specialty services that the customer wishes to add-on, such as paint/custom paint accents, vinyl wrapping, window tinting, detailing, powder coating, ceramic coating, tire & wheel services, and much more. We work closely with many other specialized businesses in our area and have good relationships with them, so this is an added convenience for the customer and a win-win for everyone.



What motivated you to start your business?

Not long after graduating from Sam Houston State University, a business opportunity presented itself I couldn’t pass up. With an understanding that new businesses usually fail within the first year, I felt confident I was able to do whatever it took and contribute to make the business successful and to sustain itself. I took on the challenge head-first, and fast forward to now, and with no-longer a business partner, I am the sole owner of and proud to be a women-owned business in our community, which is a rarity in this industry. But I have established close relationships with industry professionals and earned a level of respect that proves my ability to lead in a male-dominated field. We are excited to be celebrating 17 years of customizing vehicles this spring.

What are the three words that describe your business? Does your business have a slogan? If so- what is the meaning behind it?

The 3 words that describe our business principles and our slogan are: Leading by Example.

The meaning behind it:

We maintain the highest standards in every aspect of our business, and this practice shows in how we run our company, how we treat our customers, and how we lead by setting a good example in our community and in our industry. You can read the pages of testimonials in the Testimonial section on our website to see what our customers are saying about us and our work, as well as the pages of local Press Coverage over the years.

Any additional information you want people to know?

We encourage potential customers who are looking to enhance or modify their vehicle, to avoid selecting a shop based solely on price, but to rely instead on a shop that comes highly recommended by others and which they feel will serve their long-term needs for their valuable investment. And just as potential customers should select carefully a shop that best fits their needs, so does WPS, in making sure our customers are a good fit with what we provide as a company, for short and long-term needs, as well as building long-term personal relationships. There IS a shop for everyone.

How long have you been in the local community?

32 years in The Woodlands

What is your passion as a local resident?

Owning an automotive business and being involved in the auto industry has given me the opportunity to be involved in the community in so many ways, such as volunteering, educating, and building relationships. I feel extremely fortunate and so thankful to have the opportunity to operate our small business in The Woodlands to the success that it is. I am extremely thankful for my parents, the overwhelming support from my colleagues and community affiliates, and most of all the dedication and loyalty from my employees, past & present. My mission, our mission, has always been to give back in any way that we can.

What’s your longest returning customer? Do you have a story about them?

We have customers from the first year we opened, who have since come back, and in many cases, their children are grown and have become our customers. We also have had high school customers in the early days, who are now married with their own children, who come back to us as well. We’re truly grateful for our customers who come from all over Houston and the Texas area, and even a few from as far as Louisiana, and we are honored that most of our new customers come from referrals by our existing customers.


Woodlands Performance & Suspension is located at 1622 Sawdust Rd # A4, The Woodlands, TX 77380.

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Local Business Spotlight: Woodlands Performance & Suspension

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